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Horizon Homeschooling plans to follow all the CDC requirements and the additional guidelines of Highland Church. These will include smaller class size, social distancing, extra cleaning & sanitizing, handwashing, optional online classes and remote learning for any student/family with special needs or concerns. We will stay up to date with all guidelines over the summer and update our plan as needed. Horizon Homeschooling will be very flexible and do our due diligence to keep everyone in our care safe, healthy & happy! 

Betty Albert

“I’ve always had a love for Science, Math & Technology that I hope to share with your students. My easy-going style and incremental approach takes some of the anxiety out of difficult concepts and offers an opportunity for students to build on what they already know.   I strive to create a comfortable atmosphere where students at all levels may succeed.  My mission is to connect concepts to real world applications and make learning fun!”

Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering; Minor in Mathematics; 20+ Years of Professional Teaching


(901) 603-6678

Elizabeth Coplon

Elizabeth Coplon is a native Memphian. Although not home-schooled herself, she comes from a family with a background in homeschooling. Elizabeth attended Evangelical Christian School where she discovered her interest and love for history. She graduated from Mississippi College with a BS in History and Political Science, and a minor in Public Relations. During her time in college, she became very involved in the political and current affairs environment by working for then Governor, Phil Bryant. Upon graduation, Elizabeth moved back to Memphis and is currently the Special Events Director for Loeb Properties and you can find her most weekends hosting events at Overton Square. Elizabeth comes from a large family and is a proud aunt to one niece and two nephews. In her spare time, Elizabeth loves to travel and film & edit videos.



Suzanne Pike

Suzanne Pike is the director of Horizon Homeschool Tutorial. With 22 years of homeschooling experience and over 10 years as a tutor, she has learned what children and teens need to thrive in a homeschool setting. Suzanne’s family includes her and her husband of 26 years and her 6 children. She has successfully graduated and sent 5 children off to college and is currently homeschooling her 6th child. Suzanne’s great passion is walking alongside families and encouraging them through the wholesome, though sometimes exhausting, task of raising and homeschooling children.


(901) 606-3331

Jenny Radmer

Jenny Radmer has been married for 27years and has three children. She is a homeschool mom whose eldest is currently attending the University of Memphis. Jenny has a degree from the University of Memphis and has been tutoring in an individual and group setting for over 25 years. “I have been involved in the homeschool community for almost thirty years. I believe education opens doors for our children, whether or not they choose to attend college. I love math because I believe it teaches so many life-lessons about perseverance, hard work, and overcoming obstacles. My goal for my students is to give them confidence in math that translates into confidence in life. Math was not easy for me as a high school student, and I believe that struggle helped form the teaching style that I now implement. I understand that math is challenging, and I strive to use vocabulary and examples that are relatable and easy to understand. I tend to think outside of the math box in my classroom. I am so thankful and honored to have the opportunity to work with these students.”



Rich Rundlett

“I find teaching to be both a joy and a privilege for me.   With 25 years of Wall Street Experience, an MBA in International Finance, and having achieved financial peace, I feel uniquely qualified to assist your child by helping them learn about Economics and Personal Finance.  I am also a homeschool dad of two children, so I understand the challenges we parents face on a daily basis.  My goal is simply to assist you by providing your child with a firm understanding of the principles we are studying and getting them to see how these topics directly relate to their lives.  I also hope to inspire them with the knowledge that their future opportunities are bright! I thank you in advance for giving me the opportunity to work with your child.”


(901) 326-9072

Wendy Till


“I have a passion for teaching. I have been involved in teaching children since my junior year of high school.  For the past 8 years I have been homeschooling my own three children and have enjoyed each stage of our homeschooling journey.  I have been married to my best friend for almost 20 years and we are both native Alabamians. Our family has been a part of the Memphis homeschooling community since the fall of 2012. I have taught a wide array of students (gifted, special needs and everything in between)  and I love seeing big smiles when connections and concepts have been accomplished. I believe one of the best ways to create a love of learning is through great literature, games and hands-on experiences. I am excited to be working with your sweet children, make lasting memories and help them develop a love of learning.”


(901) 871-8454

 Casey Sigler

Hi, I’m Casey Sigler and I’m thrilled to be joining the Horizon Homeschooling family as your Literature and Composition tutor in Fall 2020. I have been tutoring students in literature and writing for six years now in a private class and while I’ve always loved reading great literature, teaching it to others has now become a true passion of mine. I also love theater and do a bit of stage acting as well as commercial acting for fun. I love baking, too but that alludes to more of a weakness for sugar than an actual strength of skill.

   My husband and I live in Midtown with our two sweet daughters, Gwen and Evie (7 & 4). I homeschool the girls, which is something I always dreamt of doing as I was myself homeschooled, Kindergarten through 12th grade. I have a degree in Humanities with an emphasis in Art History and Literature from Crichton College. My husband owns his own marketing/design company and leads worship at our church, Mosaic Memphis. We have a heart for the city and the arts community and try to expose ourselves and our girls to both as much as possible.

  I can’t wait to meet who God brings to my classes in the Fall and so look forward to being a part of the community!


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