For Families Considering Homeschooling

Over the past 8 years of homeschooling, I have heard a myriad of responses from people once they find out I’m a homeschool mom.  Have you ever uttered one of these?

“I don’t have the patience”

“My children need time away from me”

“We would kill each other”

“I don’t feel qualified”

“I’m not homeschool mom material”

“I could NEVER do what you do”

“I’m not organized”

            When I first started, I’ll admit, I had no idea what in the world I was doing.  My son was 5 years old and we had fun, read books, played a bunch and whatever interested him we learned about.  Guess what? That’s homeschooling guys!  It’s not recreating school at home and making your child sit at a desk for hours on end.  Children deserve the freedom to explore, play, read and pursue what interest them. 

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One of my favorite homeschooling books, The Call of the Wild and Free by Ainsley Armant says this:

            “Childhood is not a time for enforced conformity but a time for freedom to learn and explore their interests at their own pace.  Our kids have a pretty good idea of how they need to learn.  We need only watch and follow their lead.”

            “By giving our children an individualized education, we can move as quickly or as slowly through a subject as our children need.  We can take time understanding their learning styles and passions.”

After 8 years of homeschooling I can tell you that it doesn’t all magically come together overnight.  There are years that are hard and you feel like giving up. There are also some amazing sweet years that settle in between those hard years and make it all worth it.  And it is worth it. 

One of the things I consistently tell homeschool families is that you need a good support system. When my daughter was born prematurely at 29 weeks and spent months in the hospital, I relied greatly on my homeschool community to get us through.  They brought food over, they watched the boys so I could meet with NICU doctors and one sweet mom brought me home from the hospital when I was discharged and my husband couldn’t be there. They poured into us and loved us through that time. 

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If you are searching, please reach out.  This is why we are here, why I am posting.  It is a joy for me to help others.  What is it that is holding you back?  How can we help?

~Wendy Till~

Horizon Homeschooling Humanities Tutor

Meet the Directors

Suzanne Pike

Suzanne Pike

Suzanne is our God-loving, brave, full of life & encouragement, homeschool advocating Captain keeping a watchful eye over the entire tutorial. Suzanne is the dynamo that keeps Horizon Homeschooling moving, growing, and loving! This wife of over 26 years and mom of six homeschooled children is a walking wealth of knowledge for all homeschooling families no matter what stage they are in their journey. You will never meet anyone with a bigger heart or passion for education. Suzanne is loved by her students and gives great love.

Jenny Radmer

Jenny Radmer

Jenny is the Christ-following, kind (can you say that about a math teacher?), fierce champion of homeschooling who is heading up our Math department. Not only is she a super math-nerd with a heart of gold, Jenny is a second mom to many of our students providing a “Mom” hug when you need it, a cheer squad for everyone, and she’ll dish out some “tough love” to help all of us reach our goals. Jenny is a wife of over 27 years and a mom to three. As a University of Memphis grad, she has shared her love of mathematics for nearly 30 years in the Memphis Homeschool Community. Jenny is a blessing to Horizon Homeschooling!

Betty Albert

Betty Albert

Betty is the curious, prayerful, smiling “nutty-professor” leading our science department. She and her husband of over 24 years are currently parents to four rescue dogs and owners of rEvolve Guitar Shop in Bartlett. This southern, red head has a weakness for green tea lattes and dark chocolate. Betty began her career journey as an Electrical/Industrial Engineer and fast learned her passion included teaching. She has been teaching professionally for over 20 years with the last 5 years in homeschooling. “I love kids! I want to share how cool, fun and hilarious Science can be even if I pay with my pride!” Betty is down-to-earth, knowledgeable, and caring – just what our homeschoolers need!

Why Science? Because it’s Cool!

Homeschool Science can be incredibly exciting, fun & fascinating no matter the level! Great Science classes are NOT these things:

  • Textbook driven
  • Full of complicated equations
  • Monotonous data collection
  • Tedious projects
  • Boring, Dry or Hard!

Great Science classes include:

  • Discovery & Fun
  • Open-ended Experiments
  • Crazy-fun Labs
  • More Conversation than lecture
  • Hands-on & Interactive activities
  • “Fun Failures”
  • Real-World Applications
  • Full of Laughter
  • A Dash of Mystery
  • A Crazy, Passionate & Caring Teacher

All Great Science classes involve S.T.E.A.M.: SCIENCE-TECHNOLGY-ENGINEERING-ART-MATH, and I like to add a W for WRITING – all types of writing. Communication, written and verbal, is key to understanding. The writing I’m talking about is not BORING or DIFFICULT. It’s that “I’m so excited about what I just learned, I’ve got to share!”

Today, more than ever before, science holds the key to our survival as a planet and our security and prosperity as a nation” Barack Obama

Here at Horizon Homeschooling, I take a discovery approach in all the science classes from the bright eyed, elementary science all the way to the advanced, high school science classes. Each class, every year is different by design. The students dictate what and how we learn. Every new class is uniquely awesome and deserves an instructor that takes the time to make it real and engaging to the particular combination of students. Of course, I have a curriculum that is grounded in proven science and many years of professional teaching experience. But, if the students like space, dinosaurs, LEGOS, robots, video games, lasers or ANY other super-cool science/technology, I make it my goal to incorporate it EVERYWHERE! The beauty of all this Connectedness! Yes, it requires something from me, but that’s MY FUN!

Science is just plain astounding! It brings together all other subjects to understand and explain how our great earthly home works with all it’s intertwined disciplines.

OH! How Great Our God is!

Betty A.