Horizon Homeschooling, COVID 19, and Questions

So many of us have questions about what the coming months will look like and we wanted to share our plan with our Memphis area homeschool family.

As a mom of adult children that grew up with significant health risks, it is important to me that our policies at Horizon are about more than following the letter of the law. It is a priority to us that all of our students have a home at Horizon where they can thrive in a safe, health cautious environment.  Following not only the direction of policy but also the direction of the medical professionals at our home church, Highland Church of Christ,  gives me the peace that we are well covered in our procedures for Horizon next year.

We are working closely with a sister tutorial, TCT, to be sure we are all on the same page for the safety and health of our shared families to the extent possible.

Horizon Homeschooling plans to follow closely the CDC, Shelby County Health Department, municipal ordinances and the additional guidelines of Highland Church. These will include smaller class size, social distancing, extra cleaning & sanitizing, handwashing, optional online classes and remote learning for any student/family with special needs or concerns. We will stay up to date with all guidelines over the summer and update our plan as needed. Horizon Homeschooling will be very flexible and do our due diligence to keep everyone in our care safe, healthy & happy! 

On a serious and official note, we want to share a few things with you about our 2020-2021 school year at Horizon Homeschooling.

Let me start by telling all of you how grateful we are to have your support and your willingness to reach out with questions and concerns. We understand that each family has varying convictions, concerns, opinions, and questions about policies concerning COVID-19 and how each of us should respond. Remember, what we know today about requirements and guidelines can change in two days or two weeks.

What will not change?
Horizon Homeschooling will have classes and our schedule is pretty great.
Horizon Homeschooling will continue going to great lengths for intentional connection through classroom tutoring in Fall 2020.
Horizon Homeschooling will take care of our families with special needs during this time to the best of our ability, while continuing to provide engaging class content.

We want to hear from parents who have special concerns. Our tutors will work with families on an individual, personal basis to navigate meeting your needs and your kiddo’s needs. Horizon Homeschooling is in this with each of you. We will navigate this together for and with you.

Common questions include:
Mask or No Mask?
Live Zoom Virtual Classes?
What happens if everything closes down again?
What if I have a student who is medically at risk?
Lunchtime and social distancing?

What you can expect from us:

  • Lunchtime will include appropriately distanced seating and we will encourage students to eat outside weather permitting. Students and families will be responsible for signing up for their weekly lunch choice via the website. We promise it will be easy peasy and super yummy and SAFE serving. More about that fabulousness to come later.
  • We will all be patient with one another in enforcing the new policies and procedures understanding that we are in uncharted territory.
  • We will be discreet if there is a health concern with a student while reaching out to parents or emergency contact.

Additions to existing policies and procedures:

  • We ask that you check your child’s temperature before coming to class every morning.
  • Any child with a temperature (above 100) will be sent home.
  • Any child with concerning symptom will be isolated until contact with the parent is made.
  • Using hand sanitizer will be required before entering the building and will be available when entering and exiting all classrooms.
  • Social distancing 6 feet whenever possible for everyone involved.
  • Class sizes are limited depending on class space available. This means that class maximums may be different for different courses.
  • Masks required to enter the building and in the common area between classes. 
  • Currently, masks will be used in the classroom in compliance with the CDC and municipal guidelines/ordinances as well as the policy of Highland Church. We will update this policy if there are changes. 
  • We will provide between class flow control to promote social distancing.  All of our classes will be held in a self-contained area this year, The Youth Mission, at Highland Church.  
  • Please understand that we must limit parent entry into the building and masks are required if a parent is entering to assist younger or disabled children.

Horizon Homeschooling has a heart to love all of our families well and provide a connection for moms who are all facing new horizons together.

Will you please take a few moments to ask and answer some questions that will help us continue navigating this in the best way possible for all of our families.

If are considering registration, but have special concerns or would like to ask additional questions, please contact us using the form below. If you need to ask a more detailed question or ask about alternative arrangements, please take a few minutes and fill out one last thing so we can contact you personally and see what we can do to walk along side you in the coming school year.

Suzanne Pike
Suzanne Pike

Horizon Homeschooling Director

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