Why Science? Because it’s Cool!

Homeschool Science can be incredibly exciting, fun & fascinating no matter the level! Great Science classes are NOT these things:

  • Textbook driven
  • Full of complicated equations
  • Monotonous data collection
  • Tedious projects
  • Boring, Dry or Hard!

Great Science classes include:

  • Discovery & Fun
  • Open-ended Experiments
  • Crazy-fun Labs
  • More Conversation than lecture
  • Hands-on & Interactive activities
  • “Fun Failures”
  • Real-World Applications
  • Full of Laughter
  • A Dash of Mystery
  • A Crazy, Passionate & Caring Teacher

All Great Science classes involve S.T.E.A.M.: SCIENCE-TECHNOLGY-ENGINEERING-ART-MATH, and I like to add a W for WRITING – all types of writing. Communication, written and verbal, is key to understanding. The writing I’m talking about is not BORING or DIFFICULT. It’s that “I’m so excited about what I just learned, I’ve got to share!”

Today, more than ever before, science holds the key to our survival as a planet and our security and prosperity as a nation” Barack Obama

Here at Horizon Homeschooling, I take a discovery approach in all the science classes from the bright eyed, elementary science all the way to the advanced, high school science classes. Each class, every year is different by design. The students dictate what and how we learn. Every new class is uniquely awesome and deserves an instructor that takes the time to make it real and engaging to the particular combination of students. Of course, I have a curriculum that is grounded in proven science and many years of professional teaching experience. But, if the students like space, dinosaurs, LEGOS, robots, video games, lasers or ANY other super-cool science/technology, I make it my goal to incorporate it EVERYWHERE! The beauty of all this Connectedness! Yes, it requires something from me, but that’s MY FUN!

Science is just plain astounding! It brings together all other subjects to understand and explain how our great earthly home works with all it’s intertwined disciplines.

OH! How Great Our God is!

Betty A.

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